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Manufacturing, small or big productions, where to go? Arnhem Fashion Factory guides you in contact with specialists in the fashion chain and assists in the process of the preparation, negotiation and execution of each step. Consider the patterns, samples and the overall performance of production. If you already have good contacts or you would like to explore new contacts, AFF can provide guidance in the process. The accompanying work of AFF consist, in principle, of bringing you in contact with important connections. During a project, AFF will support you with the provision of formats, setting specifications and preparatory documents. You can use this guidance on an hourly basis..


The list below shows the main steps in preparation of production:

  1. from sketch to design
  2. from design to technical drawing
  3. technical drawing to pattern
  4. pattern to cadcam
  5. pattern to design sample
  6. pattern to grad rings
  7. from grade to fit sample
  8. pattern to sample material
  9. from pattern to production-sample
  10. production-sample to specifications
  11. production-sample to production order

The above steps are not intended to be covered entirely. You can choose to cover the whole process, but they can also be taken separately. It is a flexible list that can help you specify the intended start to end.

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