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Arnhem Fashion Factory is helping starters in fashion with clothing and accessories to enter the market. In this process the approach and strategy plays an important role. For example: "What do I need to prepare and how does the process work if I start a label?" In our guidance, all steps in the chain are covered while you stay in control. We support your ideas and experience.

Manufacturing, small or big productions, where to go? Arnhem Fashion Factory guides you in contact with specialists in the fashion chain and assists in the process of the preparation, negotiation and execution of each step.

Concept- en productdevelopment
Arnhem Fashion Factory has extensive experience in the development of concepts and products. This development requires an understanding of both your needs and the possibilities of development and targets in the market. We are therefore a good sparring partner to explore, develop and create your product. We help you to develop beyond the initial idea.

Coolbert is for sale in the "Arnhem Store" at Brouwersplein in the Arnhem City Center.
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AFF cooperated in the development of this scooterjacket with protective padding. Go safe on the road and like 31mph on facebook!

AFF cooperates in the development of Rivka's certified high visibility coat. Available soon: www.rivkas.nl


Arnhem Fashion Connection
Arnhem Fashion Factory had a three year cooperation with Artez, RijnIJssel en Arnhem Coming Soon. In this project subjects of exploration concerned cooperation in the productionchain

Bas Timmer

AFF ShowShop! 13 MöBA
Nacht van de Mode 2013

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AFF ShowShop! 2012
Nacht van de Mode 2011
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AFF Workshops 2011
Tijdens Arnhem Mode Biennale 2011
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AFF is partner of RijnIJssel.

Maandelijkse markt in Modekwartier Klarendal: www.momarket.nl - www.facebook.nl/momarket

AFF is member of entrepreneurs-association DOCKS en 100% Mode Klarendal

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